We are not born with an innate know-how to be mothers. Learning this from women is the key to our survival, enjoyment and coping. 

The support of someone to guide you, make you think, provide options so you can make fully informed decisions on your pregnancy, birth and motherhood.

Healthy pregnancy.

Healthy birth for mom and baby,

Transition into motherhood. 

The birth of a baby and a mom.






If you want to get pregnant or are already pregnant, I would love to share my knowledge with you. This is not the usual information you are given. It is the information that is slowly being lost to a highly clinical way of birthing. I will provide you with information that will truly connect you to your baby, that will connect you to your body, that will empower you, and that will enable you to believe in the perfect body that you have been given. I prepare you to believe in Mother Nature’s incredible power that your body knows what it is doing, to trust the process, to trust you as you have been given this incredible powerful ability to birth your beautiful baby.


Birthing has been done for millions of years. To have the birth you want you need a team of women to support in you, to hear your fears and build your confidence. This team is crucial to the transition you take into this incredible journey of motherhood that will change you forever.



That moment you hold your baby for the first time you will experience emotions you never thought possible. You will realise that a new you has been born. In the past we turned to our mothers and grandmothers, and we relied on our community. Things are different now, but we still need our team to help us into this new phase of our life.



Your support team will have a profound impact on your labour, your birth and your postpartum journey. Identifying your team is crucial to the result. If you want a very specific type of birth, make sure that your support team is the right fit for you.



Over the course of a nine-month pregnancy, I will empower you with the knowledge that you can do this! I will work with you on a weekly basis. As each week of your pregnancy is important, each week I will give you more information that will help you build your confidence and knowledge. 

I believe that the experiences a woman has, even those she had inside her own mother’s womb, have an effect on how she gives birth to her child.


We will tackle many very different aspects over the 40 weeks including:

  • Choosing your birthing team: midwife, doula, gynecologists'

  • The importance of this team

  • What is a normal spontaneous vaginal birth

  • What is natural childbirth......these days

  • The power of your belief system. Your view of what your body can do

  • Scanning my baby – how many scans?

  • Hospital birth, birthing center or home birth?

  • Hypnobirthing

  • Cloth nappies vs disposables

  • Maternity bras

  • Nutrition for you and your baby

  • Toxins to which your unborn baby is likely to be exposed.

  • What needs to be done now? What needs to be done by the time baby arrives?

  • Breastfeeding.

  • Myths vs Facts.

  • Your perspectives vs your partners perspectives

  • Your journey down your mothers birth canal

  • Research you need to do now.

  • A place to listen to your fears, anxieties and stress.




I want you to have the most beautiful natural pregnancy. I want you to birth with confidence in your body. I want you to love being a mom. Preparing you for birth is no different from preparing your body for a long running race such as a marathon. You cannot just pitch up on the line and run it. You need to go out and run, to eat correctly, to have sufficient, quality sleep, and to prepare mentally. Birth is no different. The only difference is that your birth story will have a greater impact on your body, your baby and your relationship with your body and baby.


I work privately with you and your partner. I tailor make your program to suit you. I do this all online via private consultations via any online platform that works for you: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, etc. Since we are online you can be any where in the world and we can work together. My focus is helping you, and your body. So, this is how I work:

60 min consultation 

where we go through your history, acquaint  ourselves with another and start our journey together. 


I meet with you every week for 20 minutes sessions where I provide you with information, I listen, I give you topics to go and research 


The information I provide to you enables you to be supported, know your rights, feel guided and enables you to transition into motherhood confidently.



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"If I could give any advice to a woman considering pregnancy or has recently been given the gift of pregnancy, it would be to walk this wonderful journey with the expertise of Claudia Slattery. WITHOUT HESITATION, seeking her support and guidance is the best decision a woman will  make!! Claudia is extremely informative, providing relevant advice specific to each woman’s differing needs and phases—before, during, and after pregnancy. The knowledge and experience she imparts is priceless! I could not have gone through such a pleasant pregnancy without the confidence Claudia has helped me to discover and attain—making me a better Mother for my child❤️. Her support and care is likened to the Best version of a Mother or Best Friend with all the expertise you will need—always being there for you! Claudia is down to earth and straightforward, making you feel comfortable talking about any issues/problems, proposes solutions and options (that actually work), and is respectful of decisions one chooses to make. Claudia truly cares about each and every client which is seen throughout every consultation and especially over the years working with her. I honestly cannot thank her enough—her support and guidance has changed my life...Life that a woman’s body feels wonderful living! Thank you Claudia for all your love and care throughout my pregnancy—my child is benefiting from all the decisions/information you brought to my attention and enabled me to make."