Birth control naturally

A woman’s body is only fertile for about one week every cycle – which means there is only one week every four weeks you can actually conceive a baby. Learning exactly when this fertile window means the difference between effective cycle tracking and guessing.

We are all different.

Every woman's menstrual cycle is different.

Track your menstural cycle to learn exactly what your body is saying to you.

We are not all sausages in a sausage factory that follow a mathematical calculation and our menstrual cycles do not all fit into an algorithm. Get to know what your body is telling you by tracking your unique menstrual cycle and connect to it the way Mother Nature intended you to do.

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Getting off hormonal contraception. (such as Implanon, The Pill, Mirena, etc.)

The synthetic hormones in the pill, the Mirena, the patch, the implanon, etc. all affect every single endocrine system in our bodies. These hormones are so effective that they stop our reproductive system from working. Therefore, you stop ovulating, stop producing mucus and you stop bleeding. The perfect body that you have been given and the fundamental aspect that makes you a woman have been stopped. However, every other system in your body also stops. Therefore, your whole body is being controlled by a tiny pill, patch or a stick. So, if you have had any of the following side-effects since using hormonal birth control, maybe you need to rethink your contraceptive method:

  • Auto-immune disorder started shortly after starting your contraceptive.

  • UTIs

  • Headaches

  • Loss of libido

  • Increased anxiety

  • Increased depression

  • Painful legs

Feeling your body again.

So, when you come off birth control pills, the Mirena, etc., you will feel a cloud lift. You will experience positive emotions again. Your body’s natural processors will start to function again. Your libido will re-awaken.  New energy will flow. It is truly incredible how, over a number of months as you walk this journey with me your health, vitality, and energy will all find a new balance. 

Planning on conceiving within a year?

If you have been on any form of hormonal birth control for any amount of time and you are thinking of having a baby in the next 12 months, restore your body and your health for at least 12 months before trying. These are the reasons:

  • It may take a year to get pregnant as your body tries to find balance again.

  • Restore your body without the stress of “Why am I not falling pregnant?”.

  • Birth control pills and implants deplete your body of all its nutrients. So, coming off hormonal birth control and working on your health will lead to a much healthier and happier pregnancy, and development of your foetus.

  • Hormonal contraception can affect the development of your foetus’s sex organs.

  • When you work on your health for a year, you connect to your body. You feel great. You transition into a phase of thinking about a family and not just about yourself.


Menstrual cycle problems (PCOS, Endometriosis, etc.)

Menstrual cycle problems – such as heavy bleeding, no bleeding, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis and anovulation - are all signs that your body needs help. These problems, however, are fixable - if you want them to be. Yes, it does require work. If you want to just pop a pill to make the problem go away, then I am not your person. However,

  • If you want a new you

  • If want freedom to feel YOU

  • If you want energy

  • If you want to feel healthy

  • If you want a libido

  • If you want to live pain free then I am your person.