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Conceiving Naturally

Why are you struggling to conceive?

If you are a couple who have been trying for more than six months to get pregnant, there is always a reason why you are not conceiving. The four main reasons you are not conceiving are:

Being on any form of hormonal birth control for longer than 3 months can have a detrimental effect on your reproductive system. If you have used hormonal birth control, your body needs to be healed before you can think of

getting pregnant.

Your body is

screaming out to

you that it needs help. When you cannot get pregnant, it is your body’s way of asking for help. Your current way of living, your lifestyle and your eating habits are not working for you.

This is the time to change.

You need to

support your body,

your thyroid, your adrenals and your reproductive system in the right way, with nourishing food, supplements, love and being kind to yourself. How is your body supposed to make a baby if it is not healthy and completely

stressed out?


mindset, your body

and your emotions all need to be in alignment. For example, a top career woman might love to have a baby but be fearful of what will happen to her career after having a baby. So, the psychological side of becoming a mother is very important.

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What you will learn from Me?

I work on many different levels with a woman (a couple). Conceiving a child occurs when balance between physiology is optimal, emotions are positive and mental space is open to receive a baby. There's never one reason why you are not conceiving but rather a variety of reasons. Here are just a few of the fundamental aspects I go into when working with me:

  • How fundamentally important it is to connect to the gift of your most beautiful body.

  • The importance of the food that you put into your body.

  • How important your relationship with your partner is in the conceiving process.

  • How important optimally functioning thyroid and adrenals are in having a baby.

  • How important your perception of your body is.

  • How different types of stress have a profound impact on your body.

  • To view your body with love, appreciation and acceptance.

Once you nourish your body with food, supplements and love, you will start to see it in a very different light. Your perspective will change and then you will see amazing things happen.  

Feeling your body.

Your body is beautiful. It is perfect. The fact that you are experiencing debilitating menstrual pain or wild emotions and PMS, the fact that you are struggling to get pregnant is not because your body is failing you but rather because you are failing it. It is time to learn how to look after your body correctly so that you do not experience pain, discomfort, and stress. Your lack of understanding of your body functions only disconnects you from it. Once you understand how your body works, you start a connection with it. Once you start connecting, you start listening, and once you start listening you start respecting, and once you start respecting, you start living.

Connecting physically, mentally and emotionally.

You are made up of your physical perfect body, your mind (conscious and unconscious thoughts) and your soul, which is your spirit and the very essence of you. Although each of these is very different, they are closely intertwined. If they are out synch, you have a problem.

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