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Working with me.....

I am not your average practitioner.

I want this method to work for you. I have found that for a woman to succeed in this method offering her guidance and support on her journey makes a huge difference. I work privately with you and your partner. I tailor make your program to suit you. I do this all online via private consultations via any online platform that works for you: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, etc. Since we are online you can be any where in the world and we can work together. My focus is helping you, and your body.

What you will learn while working with me:

  • During these sessions, we tackle all the rules of the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness.

  • I guide you in the method in relation to YOUR menstrual cycle.

  • I teach you how to understand YOUR menstrual cycle.

  • If you would like to, we will go deeper and look at why you may be experiencing problems such as PMS, menstrual cycle problems, bloating, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc.  I give you that understanding and the solutions to eradicate them.

  • I give you deeper understanding of what your menstrual cycle is telling you every single day.

So, this is how I work:

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