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Updated: May 18, 2020

Growing up requires a tribe of women by your side that you always know you can call on

One thing I know for sure is I wouldn't be the woman I am today without the women around me. I couldn't be the mom I am today without the guidance of the women who supported me through pregnancy, birthing and mothering. I couldn't be the athlete without the friends, race partners and competitors who pushed me. You see if we rely on the women around us and we use our tribe we are all better off for it. Trying to do it alone, leaves us feeling lonely, depressed, vulnerable and to be quite honest pretty useless.

I'm sorry, but no man can ever imagine what it feels like to give birth to a baby. It's doesn't matter how many women he has seen in labour, how many qualifications he has, how many babies he has birthed the reality is he will never feel the pain!

So why do we keep going to get guidance from someone who will never really, truly, no matter how he tries, understand you?

So why do we still as a group of women confide and feel comfortable taking advice from a man regarding the one sacred thing a man will never feel? From her period, her transition to womanhood, the emotions of a miscarriage, the joys of a pregnancy, the feeling of your baby kicking in your tummy. We change, our bodies definitely change, as we transition through these stages. I couldn't have been more thankful for the guidance of the women who have supported me on this journey. From my mother, to my doulas, to my midwife and my natural healers. In the past, information was passed on from our grandmothers, to our mothers, to us and so we continued to pass it down to our daughters and one day to your granddaughters. The wealth of information that came down the passage was the key to all and every way of surviving. However, life has changed and this information isn't being passed down from mother to daughter anymore. Where do you want your daughter to get her information from? Where do you see yourself in her development with her body, her confidence and her future relationships?

I feel my work with women is so important because I don't just change one woman's life. I change her, her daughter and possibly even her daughter's daughter. Therefore, by educating yourself about your body you are likely to affect so many others. #whyilearncharting, #chartingyourmenstraulcycle, #Justissemethod,#mybeautifulbody

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