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Updated: May 18, 2020

If you told me eight weeks ago I would have built up my website (again), started posting on Facebook (again) and found my true love for guiding women along their journey of finding how to love their perfect body - I probably would have laughed at you. You see during this lock down time I decided that this time was NOT normal. It was like no other time in my life - so why should I try and squeeze normal into my not normal life. I decided to do so many different things from reading spiritual books that helped me identify the purpose to our lives, and to what my purpose was here on earth, to getting onto my yoga mat everyday and trying to perfect the hand stand (ok, this wasn't so successful after 2 weeks I ended up having to go for acupuncture as I had done just too many handstands). From homeschooling - which I just loved, to cleaning our house, and the story continues....... What I did realise is that women needed me, they needed me to pass this information on. Why had God given me the curiosity of asking questions like: What did women do for birth control before the pill? Why is there so much cancer around? Why am I constantly drawn to essential oils? These questions I have come to realise are not the 'normal' questions women are asking - so why was I?

I was asking them eight years ago because I was being guided to pursue a path that not many women decide to take- but I did. I took the path that lead me to get excited about talking about women's menstrual cycles. Yes that thing that happens to us every month that no one talks about at braais, or at gatherings (except if they are with me). Yes that conversation that men steer away from and woman just don't know how to react when you say: I teach women about birth control and conceiving. I love it. I love, love, love it. Because I feel confident enough to do it. To open my space to answer those questions

This lock down ignited a flame I had eight years ago about WHY I TEACH WOMEN ABOUT THEIR MENSTRUAL CYCLE. I lost this after being in private practice for five years. I lost it as I tried to fight a medical system.

I lost it when I felt I was hitting my head against a brick wall. I lost my path. I lost my WHY. I am so utterly thankful that during this soul searching time when I decided to do things differently I found my why. So here I am, back again, teaching women WHY they should learn to love their body. #JustisseMethod, #learntoloveyourbody, #Whyidothis, #Mesntrualcyclecharting

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