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We all have a story to tell and women, who find themselves in the industry of contraception, conceiving and everything related to our incredible fertility, find themselves here not by mere accident but because it is their calling. They are meant to be here, and they have ended up here to stand up for our forebears, the women before us who stood up for reproductive freedom and for us to have a say. 1960 was the year that hormonal contraception became available in the marketplace. Women saw it as their liberation, their freedom to have or not have children. With this freedom they had finally achieved the power to take on careers and strive to be equal to our male counterparts. Extramarital affairs became possible with the guarantee that children were not going to be conceived and thus the breakdown of the nuclear family started. However, one of the results of our reproductive freedom was the belief that we do not need to ovulate. This meant losing the most powerful tool Mother Nature has given us to listen to the most finely tuned, intricate web of instincts with which we were put on this earth. Today, in the 21st century, we are so disconnected from our perfect bodies that we do not know what her signs are telling us anymore. We medicate ourselves through pain and we carry on fighting for power in our careers as we get sicker and lose connection - all to be equal to our male counterparts.

If women only realised that we have such a powerful tool within these incredible bodies of ours and we started to work with them, then we would not be equal to our male counterparts but rather be able to work in a much healthier, happier, more productive, intuitive and creative way. Our menstrual cycle holds all the information about where we have come from, our connection to Mother Nature and her laws that govern our existence. We just need to go back to discover our perfect bodies.

So, there are times we NEED an effective birth control method. We do not want children - we want to travel, study or build a career. That is wonderful but, while having the time of your life in your 20s, you should also be connecting with your body, learning what it is truly capable of and letting it guide you. We need to understand that our body has times of creativity and energy and that, during these times, pushing to the absolute extreme is completely acceptable. However, there are also times when we need to slow down and rest, to reflect and let go. This knowledge enables us to function better in our personal lives and careers.

Painful menstrual bleed is your body’s way of communicating to you that something has to change in your life; it is your body’s way of telling you to stop and fix things. However, in today's world, we do not do this. Instead, we take pain killers to stop the pain so that we can carry on. We then wonder why, five or ten years down the line, we are battling to conceive. Our youth is the time to look after our bodies, while we have an abundance of energy. Our bodies want the love, nutrition and movement that keeps them thriving, yet so few twenty-year-olds are even thinking about five or ten years ahead. In today's world our doctors and gynaes provide us with the information that the pharmaceutical companies want us to know:

  • No, the pill does not cause cancer.

  • Yes, the mirena is life freeing.

  • Hormonal contraception has no effect on fertility.

  • The pill fixes everything from acne to a broken heart.

  • We do not need our periods!

If we really did not need our periods, why are women battling so much in the 21st century with depression, disconnection and the deterioration of physical and mental health?

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