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It's all in That Moment!

Over the course of October, I have really focused on putting information out there that really is about TIME. Time is precious and no matter who you are, you could always have more of it. The reason I have put so much focus into this theme this month is that so many women think that taking the TIME to chart their menstrual cycle is just too inconvenient. The few seconds in the early morning to take your temperature. The few extra moments you get to enjoy in the bathroom with no child knocking on your door, or colleague asking for the next deadline, is precious and it enables you to take that breath. THAT MOMENT that can help you maintain peace and just find your balance in your day. As women, we always feel we are rushing, however, something I have truly learnt (particularly this year) is that the more we slow down, take that moment the more time we actually have. So let us use our libido as an example. Many women choose to be on a hormonal contraception so they can have MORE sex. MORE sex than what? Your best friend, your colleague your gym instructor? However, with this convenient hormone that enables us to have more sex, are we really having more sex? ……….I can honestly answer that question – the answer is NO. The answer is that more and more women are coming to me with NO libido. So is this little hormone giving us what we want? With this hormone, we are also getting further and further away from our intimate partners as we just do not make the time for them.

The TIME it takes me to chart my menstrual cycle and give back to me, myself and I is so much more than the convenience of a hormone that controls every single facet of my life – my sex life, my emotions – my health. It goes on to affect me so much of me and it even has the potential to affect when you want children (if that is what you want). How many women have suffered infertility at the hands of this convenient hormone? I can’t even begin to tell you the number. So has the hormone that we take to prevent babies or “help alleviate menstrual problems”, helped us and made our lives more convenient?

So, I thought in October as so many people’s lives have been restored to some sort of normal and for some people the slowness of lockdown is just a distant memory. I ask you to go back over all my posts through October and see how all the tips I have sent this month illustrate to you many ways of making MORE time for you. Maybe then, you would be willing to give menstrual cycle charting a go to see no matter if you want a baby or do not want a baby or you just suffering from menstrual cycle problems maybe then you will see how we can help you find more TIME for your health, your vitality and your energy.

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