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I work with my clients. I want to be here to guide you, walk with you so that you get everything you possibly can out of this method. With my charting knoweldge, my sports back ground, my work within psychology I can do many things. So please feel free to contact me to tailor make a package for yourself, your friends, your work, your school, your sports team or your church. 

Fertility Awareness learning

Teaching you the art, the science and the discipline of menstrual cycle charting for: 

  • Body literacy,

  • Birth control,

  • Conceiving,

  • Menstrual cycle analysis for sports  performance.

Within this session you will learn about: 

  • What is  a healthy menstruation

  • What is a healthy menstrual cycle

  • The key signs to your fertility

  • How to chart these signs

  • Allow for 1 hour 30 min

This includes the training session and the full charting kit (Guidebook, Charting book and stamps, BBT Thermometer)

(Online or In-person)
Group charting sessions
(Online or In-person)

Exactly the same training as the one-to-one training the only difference is that this is within a group. Either online via zoom or  if you would like to organise a group of friends, your sports teams, church groups or home schooling. 

I love getting up and chatting to a group of women. There is such a different vibe. So in this session we tackle all the same information as a one-to one session but often we bust many more myths and get more personal stories come out. Allow for 2 hours 

This  does not include the charting kit. After this session if you want to start charting the kit would be an extra cost.  

fertility awareness training
(Online or In-person)

This method requires practice. Once you got it, you got it for life. So take the time to really grasp the method. These are spaced out roughly at 4 week intervals but is completely tailored to each woman. 

With my guidance we cover all the rules for the method over 3-6 follow up sessions so you can use this method for life. You are unique so it really depends on you how many follow up sessions you will need. Allow for 1 hour.In this session we go over your charts.  Each session is a building session you can grasped the method. 



I love working with teams of women. If you are looking to educate young girls, a team building event in an all women group, getting the best out of your athletes, look no further. I promise to offer you an enjoyable morning that will leave us laughing, talking, questioning and bringing us together because of the thing that makes us women: Our menstrual cycle. 

Claudia Slattery workshops
  • What is a healthy menstrual cycle?

  • Lets bust all those myths

  • Safe, healthy sanitary products

  • How stress affects us

  • What your gynae will never tell you

  • Sports training and your period

  • Traveling and your period

  • Your growing body

  • What all women should have been told at 12 years old

  • Building a community through women

  • Becoming a mom

  • Why are women battling to have children these days

  • Being a woman in the business world

  • How our menstrual cycle holds the key to everything

  • What are our birth control options?

  • God, you and your body

  • The list goes on.........

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Learning about your menstrual cycle is a gift that each and every woman should be given. This gift has a life-long effect that will transpire into every aspect of her life - her confidence; her relation with herself and others; her sports; her work; and her future children.