Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to learn the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness?

This is up to you. If you are commited to this method and you want to use it in your marriage, you will be commited in taking the time to read and learn the method. Whether you do this through guided tuition with myself or self study through buying the learn-the-method yourself kit, you will be able to do it. It takes, on average, three to six months to completely grasp the method.

I am nervous to learn and use this method?

Of course you are! For so many years you have only heard about the pill, the mirena, the copper T and possibly even more. There isnt much airtime given to this method of birth control, but once you have learnt this method you are equipped for life. No one will ever make any more money out of you (The pill is an ongoing expense, the mirena you need to change every five years, etc). Once you learn this knowledge that has been thoroughly researched and is very accurate, you and your relationship are empowered. You are in control.

How many sessions will I need to learn this method?

This is up to you, and your commitment to learning, and engaging in the method. On average most women like to be taught the method (1.5 hour session online or in person) and this gives them all the information they need to start charting. Then another 2-3 sessions spaced over 5-6 months leaves you feeling confident in this method and your abilities. The bonus is I am always here for you should you have queries and need some advice.

I don't have a 'normal' menstrual cycle - Can I use this method?

Yes, this method is for everyone who wants to learn. The beauty about this method is we will find out why you do not have a regular cycle, and we will also uncover what this "normal" cycle really is. We can even work together to help regulate your menstrual cycle so it becomes healthy.

I am using hormonal contraception - Can I start learning the method?

Yes, you can come off hormonal contraception and learn this method at the same time. It will take anywhere from three months to a year for your regular cycle to return, stabilise and display healthy characteristics.

Is the Justisse Method the same as the rhythm method?

Absolutely not. The calendar rhythm method is a mathematical calculation based on the incorrect assumption that all women ovulate on day 14 of their menstrual cycle. The rhythm method is not an effective birth control method.

Can I use the menstrual cycle apps on my phone?

The answer depends on how much you do, or do not want children right now. The app on your phone is made up using a mathematical algorithm and at the end of the day is always based on the average woman, the average cycle and passed cycles. It doesn't factor daily stresses, being sick, traveling or history of contraceptive use. So if you do want to base your sex life on a mathematical algorithm and the average woman then that is up to you but be aware of the risks. If you want to know for sure, being 99.6% confident with your chance of falling pregnant or not, then charting your menstrual cycle is much more effective, scientific and stress free. Justisse do have an app which has been designed to insert your daily data. This app can be found at

Why is this method not 100% effective?

Well lets be honest here there is no method of contraception that is 100% effective (except for abstinence). The condom (97%), The pill (99.65), the Mirena (99.6%), the Copper T (99.6%). When we look at effectiveness rates we need to consider user failure (did the couple make a mistake using the method or device) and method failure (did the method fail them). So there is no method, product or pill that is MORE effective than the Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness. Anyone who tells you a method or product is 100% effective is most probably not telling the whole truth.